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We really want to thank all the parties involved in this incredible story to have accepted to answer our questions during our interviews and to have make available to us all the documents published on this website. We hope that these documents will help clarifying what might be one of the most important archaeological discoveries of this decade.

Thanks a lot to Hilbert Sumire Bustincio, David Crespy et Thierry Jamin to have accepted to be interviewed.

We also want to thank the Peruvian authorities of the Ministry of Culture - Lima and the Decentralized Direction of the Ministry of Culture  - Cusco, for accepting to send us a copy of the official documents published on this website, in application of the law about Administrative Transparency.

Thanks to all of you, this website has become a reality and will allow the truce to be established about the events that occured in Machu Picchu, Peru, between 2010 and 2010 about the discovery of burial chambers located under the “Temple of the Three Doors”.

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